Family Stories

I started a blog a while ago about our family history and tried to duplicate but it was too confusing.  I thought I would just write about people in my family and share with others who may be interested.  My maiden name is Scronce and Summers on my mom’s side.  Take a look!

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Thomas Summers 1703-1749

From the Harold Summers family. Direct DNA link. Thomas was the first to come to America in 1720. He was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne,

Col William Thompson – 1627-1666

Here is a pretty interesting family tidbit on the Summers side of the family.  This is the first reference to the American branch of our

Thomas DeClayton 1390-1426

So this is pretty cool, my Grandpa Summers, Harold Summers, who was married to Mae – we always thought he was Native American. His skin

Mae Elenora Summers 1921-2006

My maternal grandmother, Gram. Mae to you. My siblings all were close to her. She made a point to keep in touch with everyone even

Family Information

There are so many cool people in my family! No one “famous” that I know of but many should be. I thought I would write