Here is a pretty interesting family tidbit on the Summers side of the family.  This is the first reference to the American branch of our family from Grandpa Summers.  So Grandpa Summers’ great x 4 grandfather was one of the first pioneer families of Virginia.  Col. William Thompson was born in England in 1627.  He was an officer in the English Army and son of Sir Roger Thompson of England.  He married Ellen Montague, daughter or Peter Montague of Jamestown.  (Book: Adventurers of Purse and Person by Dorman; National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century, National No. 38910).

William Thompson “owned 300 acres in present-day Middlesex County”.  When William Thompson deeded his property in 1657, Middlesex was still part of Lancaster County, Virginia, though present-day Lancaster is confined to the North Peninsula.

His daughter, Martha, married Col James Taylor who was an ancestor of President Madison.  (more royalty!) 

He was only 39 when he died in what is now Lancaster County Virginia.  

Here are a couple links that document his story: