So this is pretty cool, my Grandpa Summers, Harold Summers, who was married to Mae – we always thought he was Native American. His skin was darker, and I guess we just assumed it. But he wasn’t. I did a DNA test expecting to have some Native American Indian but there was none at all.

His family is documented the best out of all sides of my family. I’ve tracked all the way back to Thomas DeClayton in Clayton Manor, Lancashire, England. The picture here is Clayton Manor which is still around. I’m still hunting around on this side of the family and thank you to all the people who took the time to document all these Claytons of England. When people have “Worden” or “Sir” in front of their names, I think royalty. It’s fun to see all the family crests.

It’s really interesting how people would name their children the same name, almost like competing. They would die early in life, for example, Thomas was only 36. Straight from his profile is:

THOMAS de CLAYTON was born about 1390, the eldest son. He married Dorothy Thelwell, daughter of Henry de Dutton and granddaughter of Randle de Dutton, both of which were Lord of Thelwell in Cheshire. As part of the marriage, the Lord of Clayton Manor acquired the title to the Manor of Thelwell as well. They had two sons John and William.