I laughed out loud when I found this guy. He’s related to my Grandma on my Dad’s side. She had a very strong family. Her Dad, Artie died in 1946 and her mom, Gertude Clara King, my great grandma (we called her “old grandma) took over his job driving a coal truck (from what I’m told). I’ll write more about her.

Artie’s great, great grandfather was Nicholas “Danger” Combs.

He was called “Danger” because of his terrible temper. His family settled in Kentucky what is now Combs, Kentucky. He was the largest land owner in Perry County at that time.

According to Rich Combs, a descendant, Stories have it that Nick was a known Tory (Sympathizer to the Crown) and trouble maker and may have been on the run for murder which is why he left Virginia. It is believed that he signed allegiance to these United States towards the end of the war. Besides his step or adopted daughter Nancy Elitia, he had 4 possibly 5 known children with his wife- Jeremiah “Chunky Jerry”, Nicholas “Bird Eye”, Rebecca, Samuel & Millie.

What’s up with these nick names? 🙂

Rich had a good article here with more on Danger Nick.