Thomas Summers 1703-1749

From the Harold Summers family. Direct DNA link. Thomas was the first to come to America in 1720. He was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England om 1703 and died in Kent Delaware in 1749. This is interesting: in the U.S. and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Date and port of arrival, date and place […]

Col William Thompson – 1627-1666

Here is a pretty interesting family tidbit on the Summers side of the family.  This is the first reference to the American branch of our family from Grandpa Summers.  So Grandpa Summers’ great x 4 grandfather was one of the first pioneer families of Virginia.  Col. William Thompson was born in England in 1627.  He […]

Thomas DeClayton 1390-1426

So this is pretty cool, my Grandpa Summers, Harold Summers, who was married to Mae – we always thought he was Native American. His skin was darker, and I guess we just assumed it. But he wasn’t. I did a DNA test expecting to have some Native American Indian but there was none at all. […]

Nicholas “Danger” Combs 1736-1838

I laughed out loud when I found this guy. He’s related to my Grandma on my Dad’s side. She had a very strong family. Her Dad, Artie died in 1946 and her mom, Gertude Clara King, my great grandma (we called her “old grandma) took over his job driving a coal truck (from what I’m […]

Mae Elenora Summers 1921-2006

My maternal grandmother, Gram. Mae to you. My siblings all were close to her. She made a point to keep in touch with everyone even writing to us and our children with letters. When my daughters were in college they would get cards from her with a couple dollars. She couldn’t spare it but she […]

Family Information

There are so many cool people in my family! No one “famous” that I know of but many should be. I thought I would write small individual stories of each family member. I may use some information that I’ve gotten from but will try to verify the best I can. These bios will be […]